Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Looks Like President Trump Was Reelected

11/4/2020—I just looked at a map and checked my arithmetic. Even if Joe Biden wins Pennsylvania, which I still expect considering how many mail-in ballots remain to be counted, President Trump will still have been reelected. In fact, he will have done better in the popular vote than in 2016.

Considering that he is a terrible man who has done a terrible job, it is hard to understand. Certainly Biden ran the race he meant to run. The American people did not reject this President.

I cannot even really blame the Electoral College. Even though Biden did win more votes, it was not as decisive as in 2016. Trump did much better than last time. And Biden in the end could not win North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan or Wisconsin. That is a pretty representative group of states.

If the country did not reelect him, exactly, it did not reject him. And that is very strange to me. 

*Hold the presses. Wisconsin now leans blue. Pennsylvania may still be in play. But even if he loses, how did Donald get this close again?

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