Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Will the Supreme Court Survive This Treachery?


10/27/2020—I don’t know. I guess it depends on how Justice Barrett votes. Of course she will vote to overrule Roe. How about the minimum wage?

Don’t the Republicans see the damage they have done in their lust to control the Supreme Court? They said in 2016, Let the American people decide. But in 2020, they feared the American people.

If Donald is reelected and the Republicans are returned to power in the Senate, she could have been nominated and confirmed in a normal way. She would have been a legitimate Justice. Now she is just another ambitious politician.

I wonder if Amy Barrett even considered asking Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump to wait—to have some faith in the American people? How will she feel if next week the American people show they don’t want the people who put her there?

She cannot believe what she says—that her policy preferences do not matter. Her approach to interpreting the Constitution is a policy preference as far as she has ever said.

I tweeted that the saddest thing about this is that the perpetrators will call themselves innocent if the American people destroy judicial review in self-defense.


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