Saturday, April 14, 2018

“No Pardon for Trump”

4/14/2018—[End of academic year is a hard time to keep up this blog. I apologize to readers waiting for new content.]

No, the above phrase is not my sentiment, but it is quite widespread among Democrats. What does that tell us?

Paul Krugman has a great column today in the Post-Gazette criticizing both Paul Ryan as a flim-flam man and the false equivalency media that pretends there is equal blame on both political Parties for America’s political crisis.

I am one of the quivalencers. My point is a shared worldview of nihilism, as readers of this blog know, which really is shared equally. It may even be worse on the political Left.

But, leaving that aside, Krugman’s last line is chilling in terms of America’s future: “It’s possible that his successor as speaker will show more backbone than he has — but only if that successor is, well, a Democrat.”

But, what happens if the next Speaker of the House is a Democrat? Yes, President Trump’s excesses will be checked—actually only some of them because of the growth of Presidential power that Democrats helped foster under Barack Obama.

Will that mean sane government, however? The answer is no. As the above sentiment shows, the Democrats are obsessed with impeaching or prosecuting Trump. And this is the case when there is actually no credible evidence right now that he has done anything. Certainly, no evidence of anything criminal. In power, I am afraid the Democrats will not sit down with Trump to govern for the best interest of the nation.

The Democrats’ particular obsessions with Stormy Daniels is completely hypocritical. Basically, who cares what Trump did or did not do? We already knew he was a creep. There should be a democratically-based rule that anything the voters already knew when a politician was elected cannot serve as a basis for removal.

Now we are hearing that the payments to her might have violated campaign finance laws. Certainly, no one should violate the law. But talk about a technical, typically Clinton-like law violation! If something similar were used against Hillary, there would be justified outrage.

I have to vote Democratic in 2018—the Republican Party, not just Trump, derailed the recovery with deficit-busting tax cuts and undermines trade and the global warming fight—but I don’t do so with any real delight. I am voting for more insanity. And that is not false equivalency.

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