Friday, April 20, 2018

Acts of Legislative Hatred

4/20/2018—What do work requirements for Medicaid and a ban on abortion for autistic babies have in common? They both express hatred by the legislature, and many people--for poor people and mothers, respectively.

Someone will say that there are people of good will pressing for these measures, which are right now being considered by the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Really? Where are all these able bodied recipients of Medicaid? Overwhelmingly, Medicaid recipients are too old, too young, burdened with young children, beset with mental and physical disabilities—they are not able to work.

A work requirement is one more burden for already burdened lives. Spend some time in a food pantry, as my wife did for years. The people who come in—-life already crushing them. And our white male wealthy legislators want to add one more hoop to jump through? These are the same politicians who want the government off the backs of the rich.

And what if there were one able bodied person too lazy to work? This is medical care, not money. You want that person to die? If this saves any money at all, it will be because someone was too confused to file the necessary paperwork. Then that person can die, too.

How about all those autistic babies? I go around parading as pro-life. How can I be against a ban on aborting them?

This has nothing to do with the welfare of autistic children. If it did, it would be attached to a tax surcharge that would pay for autistic child services. If it did, it would offer desperate women an opportunity to put their babies up for adoption—-and the government would ensure that every such baby would be adopted. It could be done.

No. The legislators are scoring political points and expressing their contempt for pregnant women.

Thousands of parents have chosen to raise autistic children. It is said by them to be a burdensome, but rewarding act of love. Something beautiful. Now politicians, who have never sacrificed for anyone in their lives, are going to insist that someone else act in this altruistic way? Not them of course or anyone they know.

Our legislature is really disgusting.

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