Sunday, February 21, 2016

So How Come Trump is Still Around?

2/21/2016--Am I now prepared to say I was wrong to count Trump out a couple of weeks ago on this blog? Not at all. I was a little worried when he began to go into the high 30% range in New Hampshire. But in winning the South Carolina Primary with a little over 32% of the vote, it seems clear that this is his ceiling. So, Trump is still a function of a fractured Republican field. Assuming it shakes out to be Cruz, Rubio and Trump for awhile, Rubio picks up most of the close to 25% of the votes held by the rest of the candidates. So, I still think it is Rubio and that he could win the general election, unfortunately.

One more thing. The President should have gone to Scalia'a funeral. He is after all a constitutional law professor as well as a politician. He knows what a towering figure Scalia was. Sure, Biden was an ok choice. But why not both go? I think he did not want to be lectured, in effect. Which he would have been. But he did that once to the Justices over Citizens United at a State of the Union Address.

This funeral episode is an example of one of the failings of the man whom history will call a great President. Obama does not have the Reagan knack of making himself personally attractive to the people who disagree with him. He lacks the public warm people thing. And it's not just racism. It's him.

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