Monday, September 20, 2021

Two Recent Columns--the Texas Anti-Abortion statute and Justice Wecht and the Death of God

 9/20/2021--Last week was obviously too busy. I failed to list here two columns that came out. 

One was on Sunday, 9/12, in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, I am Resigning from the Pro-Life Movement, about the Texas anti-abortion law. I have been trying to get the DFLA, of which I am a member, to take a stand on the Texas law. Other elements in the pro-life movement are similarly upset with the Texas law and the willingness of the pro-life movement to embrace the Texas law--see AP story here.

The other column was in the Capital-Star, where I usually write, about a recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court opinion by Justice David Wecht that expressly set forth the Death of God as an aspect of public life. You don't usually get such clarity on issues like these. But it does demonstrate the emptiness of law.

A similar dispiriting story appeared in Harper's, written by Barrett Swanson, about influencer houses, where young people go to try to make it in the industry--so of do it yourself celebrity over nothing. Read it if you want to understand suicide among young people and the emptiness of University.   


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