Monday, July 5, 2021

The Greatest Column Ross Douthat Ever Wrote

 7/5/2021--Ross Douthat wrote a column for the New York Times on April 4, 2021 that is arguably hthe best and most important he ever wrote. It was longer than the usual 800 words or so. It was on the front page of the Sunday Review--What Has the Pro-Life Movement Won?

The assumption of the column was that the 6-3 conservative majority would probably do something to marginalize if not overturn Roe v Wade. But, would the country actually choose life?

The answer was probably not, in part because the pro-life movement had never really been a utopian movement in favor of the lives of the unborn and their mothers. Instead, it had been a conservative appendage to Republican small government ideology. That is not a vision of life but of something much smaller.

Utopian is the key. What is the pro-life world really to be?



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