Saturday, July 31, 2021

Give Trump the Presidential Medal of Freedom

 7/31/2021--I am sympathetic, more so than most, to the vaccine reactions. According to a recent New York Times story, the Delta variant often just flames out. We already know that masks are not really needed or that effective when you are vaccinated. We now know vaccinated people carry the virus and that they can contract it. But they don't get sick.

I can't figure out why Tucker Carlson is so mad about these things--see his comments. By his own reasoning, the best thing to do by far is still just to get vaccinated, notwithstanding everything else he says.

Anyway, in such a partisan and crazy environment, nothing can really be done. But one possible response is to go back to the source of so many of our problems--Donald Trump.

It was Trump who understood early that nothing would help but a vaccine. He did everything he could to get them produced and he succeeded. So, let's give him the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his efforts. 

Trump would not be able to resist this. And his followers would watch. And they might then get vaccinated. It's worth a shot.

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