Saturday, March 6, 2021

A Hallowed Secularism Way of Life

 3/6/2021--In a New York Times column, Leigh Stein today raised the issue of a non-believers way of life--The Empty Religions of Instagram. Millennials who have abandoned organized religion are getting spiritual guidance from the Internet. And it's bad guidance.

Stein cannot resolve the issue of course. She's not going back to any actual church. She refers vaguely to "something like church."

I had the same problem in Hallowed Secularism--the book. What will a hallowed secularism way of life look like? There are, for example, Humanist groups that operate like churches. They don't seem to be growing, but maybe they will.

There is a cultural Judaism organization. 

People with children especially need a structure to be part of.

None of that seems sufficiently holy or challenging to me. I've been drifting since I left Judaism more than fifteen years ago.

Once my new book comes out--The Universe Is On Our Side--I intend to return to this issue. Even my wrong answer might be part of answering this next big question.

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