Saturday, October 3, 2020

It Is Fitting that President Trump Contracted the Virus

 10/3/2020--Believe me, I pray for the health of President Trump every day. Not only do I genuinely not wish serious illness on anyone, I don't want a new Presidential race with a President Pence replacing President Trump. Trump is losing and my goal is to get rid of the Administration currently in power.

But, why should I not say that there is a fittingness about the man who did more to discourage simple steps against contracting COVID-19--wearing a mask and socially distancing--actually contracting the virus? The truth is, he deserved what happened.  

Of course, you can't say such things in public. I only can say them in the relative anonymity of a blog read by only a few. Not even on Twitter.

Trump's supporters now say he did not mock Biden for wearing a mask and wore one himself when appropriate. But this is not entirely true. For weeks he would not wear one at all. And he did everything he could to minimize the importance of such steps.

No one can really figure out why President Trump acted this way. Yes, he wanted to minimize the virus in order to open up the economy. But masks and distancing are ways to reopen, not ways not to. Duquesne University is open now because we vigorously adhere to these practices. So we can be in person in ways other schools are not.

The same could be true of the economy as a whole. 

But then who said President Trump is rational. Often he cannot pursue even his own self-interest--see condemning white nationalism.

Anyway, I am assuming that neither he nor any member of his family is seriously ill. He does not seem to be. As long as that is the case, his illness simply unhinges his campaign--both because he cannot campaign and also because he is exposed as reckless and uninterested in protecting the people of the United States. He encouraged people to act in ways that made it more likely that they would get sick and then he got sick. That is fitting.



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