Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Fantasyland of American Public Discourse

7/14/2020--It is now obvious that Dr. Graham Snyder of UPMC was correct that there is now a new, more transmissible, much less dangerous virus strain. (Story here). That is why infections are up, but deaths and serious cases are not.

This is very good news. Why are we not hearing about it?

The media do not want to run this story because they are committed to running President Trump into the ground.

But we don't hear it from the President either, because the virus is still dangerous.

The Democrats are making a mistake in linking themselves to this narrative that we are in a more dangerous position. We are not. Infections have been going up for almost a month. And still, yesterday, there were nationally 465 deaths on Monday. In March there were over 3000 deaths a day.

And it makes no sense to then move the goalposts by talking about serious illness. Dr. Snyder noted that almost no new cases require respirators.

Why cannot we have a reasonable conversation in this country? You still wear a mask but you can now concentrate on protecting the most vulnerable. Things can pretty safely reopen.

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