Saturday, May 2, 2020

What Does Over-Caution Signify?

5/2/20202—Gov. Wolf announced a totally inadequate partial reopening yesterday. I was so angry about it that I begged off an interview for fear of what I might say. Here’s the story.

Southwestern Pennsylvania should have begun reopening by the metrics announced. Yet we were not included. It’s the attitude that bothers me most. State Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine several times cited Pittsburgh and Allegheny County’s “density” as the reason for not including us. Here is that part of the announcement, from state Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine:

“And so we felt it prudent that looking at all the different data and looking at all the metrics, but taking consideration in our ability to work with counties in terms of contact tracing and testing, and the population density of Allegheny County and Pittsburgh, that it was it was not prudent to go from red to yellow at this time. But we are hoping to do that in the future.”

We are hoping??? What does that mean? This is not some permanent state of affairs where we have to ask the government to go back to work.

The purpose of the shutdown was to prevent overwhelming the health care system. That is accomplished and nowhere in the country is that threat threatening to return. Everyone criticized Georgia, but there may be no increase in cases there. After all, there have not been many reported infections from the demonstrators. And they were on top of each other.

It was never the point of the shutdown to keep people from getting sick and dying. Even after the orders are lifted, no one has to go out. Anyone who wishes can stay home.

Gov. Wolf is not being reasonable. He is allowing an unrealistic public health model to bankrupt the state and individuals, as if someone going broke is not a tragedy. All this nonsense about checks, as if we could replace the economy by printing money.

This is a perfect example of the age of evasion. Tough decisions cannot be made. It’s enough to make you wish Republicans were in charge.

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