Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas 2019

12/25/2019--Well, it's not 1862. Or 1941. Our country is more or less at peace--though the endless war keeps costing American lives. Our country is prosperous--though its economy is dependent on red ink and oil, neither of which can last.

But Americans are divided, as we have not been, perhaps, since the Civil War. And we face a peril that threatens all of humanity in climate change that has proved very difficult to deal with.

We are short on hope.

Secular society needs to hear the message of Christmas. The universe is on our side--on the side of life and goodness and truth. The universe intervenes in what science calls emergent phenomena, which miraculously bring forth new possibilities that are greater than the sum of what was present before.

Hope is anti-entropic.

So, although many of us are not Christians--we may follow other traditions or none at all--let us all celebrate the birth of a child who will be a savior. Out of unimaginable weakness, unsurpassed strength.

Merry Christmas.

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