Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

11/28/2019--Happy Thanksgiving. This is the holiday that has successfully made the transition to secular expression. And, unlike Christmas, it has done so with its soul mostly intact. It is a holiday of giving thanks and of being thankful. No wonder modern capitalism has no interest in it and just wants to get on with shopping.

But the holiday is also acceptable to secularism because it makes no demand on us to change. If anything, it is a celebration of what we are today. Gratitude is undoubtedly a religious expression, but it pales before Teshuvah--repentance. The high holy days, or lent, of any of the periods of self-reflection and prayer have not made the leap to secular cultural expression. They are what we most need today.

So, Thanksgiving is religious enough to challenge us only a little--too much for capitalism's taste--but not enough to really help us.

Enjoy your turkey.

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