Saturday, August 31, 2019

Is Hallowed Secularism Any Longer the Question?

8/31/2019—Since the publication of Hallowed Secularism in 2009, I have assumed that this formulation would be adequate to address the spiritual crisis of this culture. I have not reconsidered this question in light of the current crisis—politics in the age of Trump. I am now not so certain that this is the direction this culture needs to go.

What are we now seeing in regard to secularists in America? I don’t know where I read this, but some significant portion of the nones say they believe in God but are leaving religious/spiritual issues in abeyance until their lives are settled.

This, along with the asserted belief in God unsupported by any institutional, or for that matter, regular, expression, makes me wonder what this group is saying. It now seems to me that their purported belief is just another means of evasion in a culture that is filled with evasion. Hallowed is just not adequate.

Maybe what is needed is spiritually disciplined secularism. This would be a secularism especially for the mind. The participants would pledge to engage all of the traditional spiritual issues. In this way, secularism would not be just an avoidance of religion. It would be in fact be a higher level of engagement than most believers experience.

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