Friday, July 26, 2019

Strong Reactions to Column on the No-Prosecution Pledge

7/26/2019--It will be hard to face down the lock him up segment of the Democratic Party. My column in Politico set off a twitter storm, which of course was my purpose. I am trying to put out the case against this sort of thing.

The three things that the critics do not see. I am not proposing anything new. Americans just don't go after defeated candidates, especially for President, especially using the criminal law. Second, Democrats would and have used dirt on political opponents and Hillary would certainly have done so in 2016. Finally, President Trump may have wanted to go after Hillary, but he did not do it. You have to judge him on what he did, not on what he wanted to do.

I should also say that if you shut down an investigation out of honest belief that you are innocent and it is within your authority to shut it down, that probably is not obstruction of justice. So, how in the world could the President be prosecuted anyway.

And don't get me started on the pardon power.

So, a little real world publicity. But will it do any good?

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