Saturday, June 8, 2019

The No-Prosecution Pledge

6/8/2019--Last Wednesday, before Nancy Pelosi's reported statement that she wants to see President Trump in jail, I sent the following email to Susan Matthews at Slate in a pitch for a piece.

Dear Susan:

The best thing Donald Trump has done as President is something he consciously refrained from doing--he did not prosecute Hillary Clinton. Not putting your defeated opponent in jail is one of those norms that allow American democracy to work.

If you feel there was nothing to investigate, you have more confidence in the Clinton Foundation than I do.

Each Democratic Party Presidential candidate should take a pledge now not to prosecute Trump if elected. Democrats like to quote How Democracies Die about Republican norm violations undermining public life. So, it would be tragic if Democrats violate one fundamental norm that the Republicans did not trash.

Such a pledge would reassure moderate voters without surrendering any economic or environmental policies. So, not only is the pledge the right thing to do, the democratic thing to do, it is also the politically smart thing to do.

Nor would the pledge give up much. Donald is capable of pardoning himself his last day in office, which might work.

I propose 2000 words for Slate arguing for the No-Prosecution Pledge. I know it would get attention. I could have it to you in a day or two.
No response, which is how things generally go for me.

But the point remains and isn't going anywhere. The way you save democracy is by starting to save it. #noprosecutionpledge The alternative will poison American politics like nothing else.

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