Saturday, June 1, 2019

King Trump

6/1/2019--Now with the idiotic threats against Mexico, which, by the way, is not responsible for policing America's border. We are. This latest tariff threat roiled the markets again, which by the way, are about flat versus inflation since the tax cuts went into effect on January 1, 2018.

The frustrating thing about the latest tariffs is that they come on top of nonsense threats against Japan, Canada and Europe. There is no strategy here. Trump's quite legitimate effort to force the Chinese to play by the rules is undermined by all these trade distractions. Why not enlist everybody against China?

Basically, we are seeing the results of too much Presidential power. Why does Trump get to make economic policy at all? He is not Congress. He is abusing his statutory authority since he is often invoking non-existent threats to national security--Canadian products?--but obviously that authority was too broad to begin with.

Have Democrats learned anything? It's doubtful. Liberals are pretty bad about admitting mistakes. They could learn a lesson from Ross Douthat in that regard. We were fine with Obama making policy by himself when Republicans were obstructing and we agreed with the policies. Now nobody agrees with the policies, because there is no policy with Trump--just the latest rant and whim.

But if authority has not been ceded to the President, Trump could not be doing so much damage. Where is the Democratic Party candidate for President who runs pledging to return power to Congress? That is the candidate to support.

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