Friday, December 28, 2018

Holiday Travel

12/28/2018--Hallowed Secularism takes a break for two weeks because of travel. Happy New Year to all. Maybe the New Year will bring a spiritual reawakening to America. I do sense a change. Tom Krattenmaker, for example, is certainly getting a hearing he has not quite had before. It would be a good thing if we decided that President Trump is not the issue. Only a really spiritually bankrupt country would let a man like that anywhere near the White House. He is symptom not cause.

Biblical religion has a category understood as God's judgment. We are paying a price for the kind of country we have been and the kind of life we have practiced. Dr. King talked about the four evils: militarism, materialism, racism and poverty. America has promoted them all. The last speech Dr. King wrote, which he did not live to deliver, asked whether America was going to hell. Turns out we were.

But Biblical religion has another category--redemption. Exile does not last forever. We learn from our sins. We live better. I hope that will be true for all of us in the New Year.


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