Friday, August 3, 2018

The Media as Enemy of the People

8/3/2018--I believe even Donald Trump does not understand the harm he is doing by telling his supporters that the press publishes fake news and is the enemy of the people. Cal Thomas wrote a critical column about the press, but he ably described the meeting this week with the the publisher of The New York Times, A.G. Sulzberger.

"[Sulzberger[ recently met with the president and told him his comments were encouraging dictators to persecute and suppress independent media coverage of their regimes and worse, putting American journalists at risk of physical harm. Sulzberger said the Times was forced to hire armed guards to protect employees."

One day, a future Donald Trump will close newspapers he does not agree with and there won't be any public support to defend a free press.

It is certainly the case that the media is biased. For every Fox, there are numerous liberally oriented outlets. But, so what? There are lots of conservative leaning outlets also, like almost all of talk radio.

The real point is that no one made President Trump run for office. He should stop whining. If a lot of the media is biased against him, it is a lot better than not enough critical media. No country ever went downhill because the press bashed its leaders.

The real criticism is not bias against the President but that there was not enough criticism of President Obama--I'm just not sure that was true. There sure seemed to be all kinds of criticism of him when he was President, including foreign leaders speaking on the floor of the Congress. The pass that Obama supposedly got might just be a fantasy.

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