Friday, July 27, 2018

Special Prosecutors Are a Menace

7/27/2018—I am now tweeting, like President Trump. It is a silly way to do business, but apparently necessary today. My handle is @BLedewitz.

I tweeted today about a story in the New York Times that Robert Mueller is now investigating Trump’s tweets for obstruction of justice.

Think about it—obstructing an investigation that has found nothing.

This is not the same as paying off a witness to disappear. That’s obstruction. A President urging an investigation to wrap up when he has legal authority to end it is hardly obstruction.

This is Ken Starr syndrome. Here is the Wikipedia summary, which I believe is accurate: “Starr was initially appointed to investigate the suicide death of deputy White House counsel Vince Foster and the Whitewater real estate investments of Bill Clinton. The three-judge panel charged with administering the Independent Counsel Act later expanded the inquiry into numerous areas including suspected perjury about sexual activity that Bill Clinton had with Monica Lewinsky.”

In other words, there was nothing to the original charges, so we investigate until there is.

There was no collusion with Russia. There didn’t have to be. Putin wanted Trump. First as a disruption. Then as President. What enemy of America would not have wanted Trump’s victory? So, no collusion necessary. No collusion happened. End of investigation. Mueller go home.

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