Saturday, June 23, 2018

Best Paul Krugman Column Ever

6/23/2018--In Return of the Blood Libel, Paul Krugman really does zero in on the anti-immigrant hysteria. It has nothing to do with immigrants. In that way, it is simply a projection against the other, just as classic anti-semitism was. Why do people feel this way? Krugman admits he does not know. But the frenzy against immigrants today, legal and undocumented, is not about genuine policy differences. It is not about whether immigration lowers average wages. It is not about enforcing our laws. Those are matters for debate. But the idea that America is under some threat is crazy. Immigrants don't commit crime much--places with large numbers of immigrants have lower crime rates--they don't us up public resources and they by and large want the American dream. That does not mean that people here in violation of law should be allowed to stay, just that there is no reason to hate or fear them. Krugman's point--immigrants are the new Jews.

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