Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How About a Hand for President Trump?

5/1/2018—Nothing but good news on the Korea front. North Korea is promising to do the one thing every American President has tried to get from them—denuclearization. It may still not happen, but we seem closer than I can remember.

Why does President Trump not get any credit for this? Well, for one thing, much credit goes to South Korean leader Moon Jai-In, who must be seen as a moving partner.

For another, who wants to give credit to a brinkmanship that perhaps almost brought war? Maybe Trump was just lucky.

Well, as Napoleon said when he was told a general was just lucky—I would rather have a general who is lucky than good.

We should not be shocked. When the US invaded Iraq, Iran reportedly sent word that it was open to a deal. President Bush was too full of himself to make a deal with Iran. Trump did not just threaten—-he knew when to back off. It is not that easy.

Maybe Obama was too decent—-too careful. Maybe a little fear is a good thing when you want people to do something they don’t want to do.

In any event, a little credit is due.

But this is like the Correspondents’ Dinner the other night. The point is not how hot the roast was for the Administration. The point is that no liberals of any type—-political, correspondents, or anything, came in for any criticism—-alleged humor. I admit I don’t find Michelle Wolf’s humor at all funny. But surely she could have added, for example, that Planned Parenthood can’t quite decide whether it wasn’t selling baby parts or whether that is okay.

Wolf could even have mentioned my theme here--that the press doesn’t know what to do when Trump does something right—-was it the weather? It is funny to watch—-a million explanations of the North Korea success while no one says, gee, maybe he did something right. It would have been even funnier if Wolf had mentioned it.

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