Friday, March 2, 2018

To Cure American Politics, There Must Be a Reformation in Secularism

3/2/2018--Last night, in my Philosophy of Law class, I gave a 30 minute talk on the subject of how to cure American politics. The basic idea is that Americans hate and distrust each other because, since the Death of God, secularism has failed to set forth the foundation of a trustworthy universe. If there is no satisfying story of the universe, there cannot be peace in public life. Secularism's default position is the materialist one that the universe is an impersonal complex of forces and that human life has no intrisic meaning. Not only is this account inadequate to sustain a civilization, it is not persuasive. It is simply assumed. Actually, the universe does not seem to be like that at all.

Here is the talk.

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