Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Democrats: Stupid Again

1/7/2018—This time stupid on immigration (maybe the most recent prior instance was not applauding a low unemployment rate for African-Americans at the State of the Union Address—talk about putting politics above the welfare of the people).

I did not hear who was being interviewed on NPR Morning Edition, but he was part of the bipartisan group trying to protect the dreamers. (I have since been told that he is a representative to Congress from Arizona). So, he was asked the obvious question—what are you willing to give up to get a deal with the President? The answer was nothing.

This person said, “I’m not willing to fund a stupid wall with taxpayer money just to fulfill a campaign promise by President Trump.”

Pardon me? What does the word “compromise" mean if it does not mean giving up something you don’t like?

So, the reporter asked again, then what is the compromise? Answer: the compromise is that President Trump has to agree with what the bipartisan group comes up with. No, he doesn’t.

If this is a cynical ploy to gain political advantage at the expense of the dreamers, then shame on the Democrats. If it is sincere, then it is short-sided. You can’t force President Trump into this humiliation. He is perfectly willing to sacrifice the dreamers. You think he has a conscience?

The most absurd part of this is that for political advantage the Democrats should give President Trump what he is asking for—a taxpayer funded wall in return for protection of the dreamers. First of all, they keep faith with the dreamers. Second, they allow President Trump to finally own the breaking of a campaign promise—a wall Mexico would pay for. The Democrats can simply say that they were forced to fund the wall with taxpayer money by President Trump in order to protect the dreamers—Democrats win, President Trump loses.

As for the wasted money, the wall doesn’t actually have to be built, you know. President Trump just wants to say he got his way—be careful what you wish for.

Where are the smart Dems? Apparently nowhere.

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