Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Distrust on Climate News

1/23/2018—Well, this is a first. NASA reported, and AccuWeather ran a story about the report, that 2017 was the warmest year worldwide without the kind of El Nino event that made 2016 so hot. This is all part of the recent trend that has sent surface temperatures up and has led to 17 of the warmest years ever recorded occurring since 2001. All this is much warmer than the 1951-1980 mean temperature.

It’s global warming. Since ice is melting everywhere, it’s not like we’re being asked to believe something we cannot also see.

The shocking thing is that by this morning, there were 19 comments, all of which denied the report in one way or another.

I’m not naming names, nor criticizing (at the moment). It’s just astounding. But it does show that skepticism about information we don’t agree with is now so deep that it is hard to see how the situation changes.

In order: I don’t believe any information about climate because it is all just politicized. Surface temperatures are manipulated and comparisons with the past are not technically possible. Unadjusted temperatures tell a different story [there must be some statistical technique that NASA uses that is being referenced by several comments]. Plant hardiness zones show that we are only returning to the 1940-1960 period in temperatures and any upward movement is caused by new thermometers installed in the 1970’s. [someone responded critically to that last comment]. 2017 is just a continuing fallout from 2016—temperatures don’t fall precipitously. Anything out of a government agency is a lie to keep tax money coming in. Con artists are always looking for ways to get our money—I did not even have to turn on air conditioning in Minneapolis last year. [that one got another critical comment]. You can’t change weather. Looks like people are waking up and I am going to remain unbiased. Still waiting for palm trees along Lake Michigan. Bullshit. Earlier comparisons are impossible. Just a way to raise taxes. It has been proven that the “data” have been “monkeyed with.” People change stats to suit their agenda. Research shows that all the planets in the solar system are warming—solar cycles. It’s just to establish socialism. Just warming back to Pliocene, when humans were not around. Decades don’t matter compared to 30,000 years. Just a weather anomaly. Politically motivated pseudo science.

Shockingly, this is it. All the comments. And AccuWeather is not a conservative news site. How can policy be made if we can’t agree on the basic facts? This is skepticism as a basic attitude, not as a method to derive truth. I’m not surprised that some people feel this way, but it seems a lot of people feel this way. That means society itself becomes irrational. I don’t mean the comments are all wrong—I mean that whatever is being asserted means to end discussion and is not open.

That quality is not a monopoly of the Right. Where is there openness?

Faith has to operate here for most of us. If the government just lies, there is nothing that can be done, since most of us are in no position to judge any of the data. I certainly am not. Scientists tell me it is getting warmer. They tell me there is liquid water under a moon of Jupiter. I expect scientists to do their best to get it right and other scientists to check. Many Americans have decided that this is not how science works anymore. Now what?


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