Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Good News from Alabama

12/13/2017--Good news from Alabama, where Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore in a close race. First, a genuinely bad person will not be in the US Senate. Second, the alt-right will be discredited in the Republican Party--after all, Moore's opponent would probably would have won. Third, it will be harder to discredit women who tell their stories of sexual harassment--of course in Moore's case, it was actually criminal conduct.

Then there is the issue of abortion. The pro-choice movement will say that it finally arrived with the win of a clear pro-choice Senator from the deep South. I believe that Jones won despite being pro-choice and that it was only that factor that caused Moore to come so close to winning. But who can be sure of that?

With any luck, the Alabama Senate race will be the beginning of the Post-Trump era.

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