Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Is This Collusion?

10/31/2017—It’s certainly appropriate that on Halloween, Democrats finally get an indictment in the Russia probe. For this whole thing has been about ghosts and goblins all along.

I admit I have a political motive in all this. I don’t want Vice President Pence to become President. Trump is easier to get rid of.

But I could live with impeachment and removal if justified. How, however, can he be impeached for things the voters knew when he was elected? The voters get to choose the President.

It was already known that the Trump campaign was willing to use what the Russian government offered. During the campaign, Trump called on the Russian government to release all the emails it had on Hillary Clinton in an effort to damage her. I was appalled by this, but it was done in plain view.

We also already knew that the campaign was willing to meet with persons with ties to the Russian government who promised dirt on Clinton. We found that out in July with regard to Donald Trump Jr.

What all this shows is that the Trump campaign knew that the Russian government was trying to help it and that the campaign was eager to accept that help.

I would be more outraged if I thought Democratic Party operatives would turn down dirt on political opponents and instead contact the FBI. But I don’t have that confidence.

In any event this is not collusion. It is the Russian government deciding it wanted to help Trump beat Clinton. And a political campaign that had no honor. The voters chose it.

I have the same feeling today I had when President Clinton was being hounded. Political enemies want anything they can find to bring down a President. They don’t want to engage him and they don’t want to convince the country to reject him. An independent prosecutor is so much easier than real politics.

In the end, Trump will stay and his supporters will find all this bitterly anti-democratic. Or, worse, Trump will leave office and his supporters will turn even darker than some of them already are.

Democracy is the loser.

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