Saturday, September 2, 2017

Asking the Wrong Question

9/2/2017—Too bad George F. Will is such a partisan. Will has been lambasting the left for its lack to commitment to the first amendment. And justifiably.

But Will probably will not attack Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania for his farcical town meeting and now for criminal charges against a man who asked the wrong question.

According to the story in the PG, people submitted questions ahead of time and then questions were approved. The selected 600 people then were supposed somehow to ask only those approved questions.

Well, so far, just a show trial. But then this guy asks this really strange question about whether Toomey will comment on a story that his wife was kidnapped. He’s hustled out and now will be charged with interfering with a public meeting.

My wife, Patt, thought the question sounded threatening and it does sound at least creepy. But the man is apparently not being charged with a threat. But with some form of breach of the peace.

I presume that cooler heads will prevail. Unless the first amendment has been repealed, how can someone be charged with going off script? If I don’t have a right to ask any question I want of my Senator when I am permitted to ask a question, then we don’t have free speech.

Anyway, if there are prearranged questions, then that is no public meeting. It’s a stage show.

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