Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Scandal at the Boy Scout Jamboree

7/25/2017—Media reports state that when President Trump addressed the Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia yesterday, there were boos when he asked whether President Obama had attended. This is a disgrace.

The Boy Scout Law includes the requirement to be “reverent.” It is not reverent to boo the former president of the United States.

Of course we can blame the poor character of President Trump, who continues to show that aside from everything else, he lacks the character to be President. But I suppose we knew that already. I think it is fair to say that Vice President Pence for example, would not behave that way.

But what of the Boy Scouts? How could that organization have come to this point? The Boy Scouts have clearly taught those children nothing of importance. And how could that organization not be profusely apologizing today?

What goes around comes around. Someday, they will be booing former President Trump. That will not be any better.

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