Sunday, March 5, 2017

Policies for the Year 2100

3/5/2017—I am being helped today in composing this entry by Manny, my grandson, and snowball, a little stuffed white seal. Two days ago, Manny’s baby brother was born—Nathan. Manny is staying with us for a couple of days.

My mom is coming home today. (Manny wrote that).

The birth of Nathan and Manny’s visit remind me of how long their lives will be. In the year 2100, Manny will be an old man—89 years old. In that same year, Nathan will be a little younger—83 years old.

But with luck and good health, they will both be alive, as I hope Bailey and Piper will be alive.

The point is, I have contact through my grandchildren with the year 2100. So, policies must respond to their needs all those years from now. From now on, if I hear that sea levels will rise by a certain amount by 2100, I no longer can consider that a far off irrelevant matter.

My grandchildren will live to see Florida under water, unless we act now.

And the same is true with all the other policies that we deal with.

Native people already thought this way. With the birth of grandchildren, we all should

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