Saturday, December 17, 2016

I Don’t Understand Charles Krauthammer

12/17/2016—I greatly admire Charles Krauthammer and I always have. He rose to greatness in my view in regard to Donald Trump. You can’t blame Trump on him.

But I don’t understand his jokey condescension about global warming. Today’s column in the PG referred to “belief” in global warming as the left’s “religious test”—as if the truth or falseness of global warming was something to be debated. It’s true or false and it does not matter one bit what any politician or voter thinks about it. As Thomas More says in the play, if the Earth is round, will the King’s command flatten it?

What I don’t get is this—what episode in history defines Charles Krauthammer? Given his love of Churchill, whom I believe he once called the man of the century, Krauthammer has to resonate to the rejection of Churchill’s warnings about Hitler in the run up to the War.

Can’t Krauthammer see that his breezy joking about global warming is the same attitude the elite took to Churchill—“Oh that’s Churchill going on and on about Hitler again.” Even Krauthammer must admit that if it true that man is warming Earth’s climate, the threat is much greater than anything a Hitler could do. Of course it may not be true. But the threat is nothing to make light of. If the scientific consensus is wrong, great. Churchill could have been wrong about Hitler, too. But you don’t make fun of people worrying about something very much worth worrying about.

It’s going to be the tragedy of Krauthammer’s life when he realizes that he is playing the role of Chamberlain—trying to appease global warming, hoping against hope that we don’t have to change and get ready for the threat, even when the evidence began to mount.

And while we are at it, it is a stupid misunderstanding of everything we know about the framers to invoke them against national action on global warming. They created a federal government in order to deal with genuine national threats. Don’t invoke them against EPA action. They never expected the States to deal with threats to the Union.

If you say Congress has to do this rather than unelected bureaucrats, I could not agree more. So, stop enabling the traitorous inaction of the Republican Party on global warming. Or, are you going to wait until the bombs actually start falling—the ice is already melting all over the world.

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