Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Hypocrisy of the Congressional Republican Party

11/19/2016—We’ll have to get to Donald Trump’s horrible national security picks later. We’ll have to get to the attempt to destroy Medicare later also.

What is amazing is the apparent willingness of the Republican congressional majority to now provide the funds for a new infrastructure program because Donald Trump, a Republican, is President.

Here is the way healthy politics is supposed to work. If your opponent proposes a program that you feel is good for the country, you support it for that reason. Here, President Obama proposed such spending consistently and the Republicans in Congress unanimously opposed it. But now it is ok to spend this money because a Democrat will not get the credit.

Putting politics before the good of the country is the worst thing a politician can do. I am not blaming President Trump for this. He, after all, is just proposing infrastructure spending to help the country.

Of course, there is another possibility. It could be that Republicans know this spending program would not be good for the country—-it will increase the deficit to no necessary purpose since the economy is already growing. It could be that Republican opposition to the Obama stimulus was sincere.

Is this really any better? If this is the case, then the Republican majority is now willing to hurt the country because a Republican President wants to do so. In either case, the Republican congressional leadership has shown itself to be utterly corrupt.

At least so far. Maybe they are planning their opposition behind the scene. Maybe they are planning a deal in which infrastructure spending is traded for ending Medicare—-but then it would be President Trump who would be the corrupt liar for going back on his promise to defend social security and Medicare.

You have to feel bad for the American people with leaders like these.

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