Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Is Trump Back? No. But What About Clinton?

2/10/2016—The results of the New Hampshire Primary are in. When the dust settles, I still reject the idea that Trump is for real. But we’ll see. The problem is that Rubio did so badly. So, Trump still gets to lead a fractured field. Trump only got 35% of the vote and he is no one’s second choice. Eventually, the field contracts and he loses.

But what about Clinton? Her showing was so bad that another person would drop out. Is there time for someone else to enter? Probably not. We’re not going to nominate Sanders. So I guess it will still be Clinton. But a large part of the Party does not want her. That's obvious.

I am not demeaning Sanders, but he is a well known neighbor and it is a very good state for him--white and a liberal Democratic Party. This victory does not translate. The problem is Clinton. Her weakness does translate. Even into November.

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