Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The End of Trump

1/27/2016—There are more important things going on, but I must comment on the demise of Donald Trump. Now, Trump was never going to be President. He is a creature of television and celebrity culture. There was always going to be a time when people got serious. That time seems to have arrived with Trump’s walking away from the next Republican debate over the presence of a moderator with whom he has feuded.

We can assume that Trump is not as out of control as to actually be walking over this. He probably has decided that he does not need or cannot control the debate format. But the action looks bad in every sense. I don’t think ordinary people will like it and that will begin his unravelling. He won’t win Iowa. He won’t win New Hampshire. Suddenly everyone will wonder why he was an issue.

For me, that won’t improve matters much. Ruth Ann Dailey wrote in the Post-Gazette that there is a good reason why the Republican establishment is more worried about Senator Cruz than Trump. Cruz is a perversion of the conservative position—I think she called him brutal. Trump is irrelevant to conservatism.

So, if the demise of Trump leads to Cruz, it is perhaps not much improvement. But Trump had to go away eventually and now that he is going away, maybe others can emerge.

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