Thursday, October 29, 2015

So, It's Not Going to be Trump (or Carson)

10/29/2015--Well, who thought it would be?

As many predicted, now that it is fall and people are actually starting to pay attention, Donald Trump just seems like a bad dream. That much seems clear from the reporting on the GOP debate last night. I would not watch such a thing, but the reports are clear.

Dr. Carson will go next. It now seems that the "big" GOP field has just two people in it--Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. This is more or less what experienced observers--like Ross Douthat--said all along. Florida and Texas--the GOP heartland these days. They might even be a ticket one way or the other.

Back to ordinary politics.

And does this not show how wrong liberals are about money in politics? No big money anointed these two. They just spoke better to the base of the Republican Party.

But, what if one of them wins? They have both denied global warming in the past, but they are not stupid. Cruz for example relied on the pause in record breaking global heat. Now that it has resumed, he could go back. Rubio is tougher. He has been described as all fossil fuel all the time. But politics being what it is. Presumably they all love their kids and grandchildren. The cannot really want for them what is coming.

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