Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Good News Tuesday

7/14/2015—Woke up today to the news that agreement has been reached on loans to Greece and an Iranian nuclear deal. The world is a little better today.

Not altogether better. Greece did not get much debt relief, which it needs eventually. But it would be bad at this point for the Euro zone to fracture. As for Iran, the Republican Congress will not agree to the deal.

But that is OK. Netanyahu opposes any deal with Iran. But he is wrong. Even in terms of Israel’s interests. Eventually, the American electorate will choose peace and not war. I just hope Clinton runs on the deal.

As for Greece, apparently Krugman was wrong. A deal for them is better than an exit in their view. Well there is always time to leave if the economy does not pick up.

A good day all around and better than most alternatives.

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