Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Great News from the Church

10/15/2014—The news from the synod convening in Rome is very good. I read in media reports that the Catholic Church will emphasize the good that same sex relationships and heterosexual cohabitation can bring to human beings. The emphasis will not be on these sins in particular in matters of eligibility for the sacraments. This could also bring divorced persons back within the Church.

Theologically, this always made sense. If we are all enemies of God, as Karl Barth tells us, why would these particular sins disqualify sinners from the sacrament, seemingly above all others? It was always to be suspected that the pressures on this area came from outside the Gospel.

For those of us working diligently to bring the secular world into contact with the Gospel—as if that work depends on one’s own efforts—this movement, however mildly it plays out in the near future, does more than grant a measure of relief to lonely human beings who seek the comfort of Christ. It also sets out a welcome mat to those suspicious of the Gospel. It says, the Gospel does not lead to denial of your human condition.

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