Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chasing Moderates in Syria

9/14/2014—How is President Obama like Holden McNeil in the 1997 movie, Chasing Amy? Well let me ask the question the way Banky Edwards asks it in the movie: Who is going to win the Civil War in Syria? The current government of Bashar al-Assad, ISIS, some just as bad radical group or the militarily effective, political relevant Syrian moderates? Answer: one of the first three, because the fourth is a figment of your imagination.

Why is America doing anything in Syria? Why not just help the Iraq government chase ISIS back to Syria? Actually, that is probably President Obama’s preference. But Washington is panicked.

I heard a Republican Senator on NPR I think was Marco Rubio, after President Obama’s talk to the nation last week. He was reasonable and civil and constructive. ISIS brings out the best in our politicians perhaps because it reminds them that the other Party is not the enemy.

But the Senator said one thing I disagreed with. If only the President had armed the moderates two years ago, or last year, he complained. But if we had, experience suggests that all those arms would now be in the hands of ISIS.

Just to be clear. America doesn’t have an option in the Syrian Civil War. ISIS, at least in Syria, is not a threat to America or any American interest. There are a lot of bad people in the world who do terrible things, including killing Americans. It’s not a good idea to form your foreign policy around going after them.

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