Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Really Good News in Gaza

8/6/2014—The 3-day truce in Gaza sounds much more promising than the media is treating it. Below the surface, good things are happening. Remember, Egypt could make peace only after some military success against Israel. Well, Hamas has had some success. The set up, with a Palestinian unity government negotiating with Israel, is about what Tom Friedman called for a few days ago in the New York Times as the beginning of a potentially new era.

On the other side, the futility of Israel’s position is now clear. Netanyahu is being criticized by the Israeli right for not being tough enough. That is rich. There is no future in constant war against Gaza.

And the Obama Administration is vindicated. The blockade is on the table just as Secretary Kerry said. And by criticizing Israel, the Israelis could see how isolated they are. Congress cannot make President Obama veto UN actions against Israel. And Obama is the only President we have for the next 2 years.

So, maybe, just maybe, peace breaks out. Or begins to. And we get to see what it means to have had a real realist in the White House. Perhaps we have underestimated Obama.

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