Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Good, Not Great, Election

11/7/2012—It was not a resounding vote of confidence in the President but a willingness to give him another try in the face of the serious problems he inherited. He will be judged by his ability to continue the slow recovery and then to put our fiscal affairs back in order.

And President Obama won because of policies. He did bail out the auto industry and the industrial heartland rewarded him for it. The Republican Party proudly would have done nothing.

The failures of the Republican Party were also about policy. One too many instances of unwelcomeness to Hispanics cost the Republicans, perhaps, Nevada and Colorado. And one too many maniacal references to God and abortion may have cost them the Senate. That, plus the willingness to jettison moderates in the primaries.

It was a national decision even though Washington was left in somewhat the same position as before in the makeup of the national government. Good day to be an American, all in all.

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