Sunday, July 8, 2012

If the Higgs Boson Particle Affected Capitalism

7/8/2012—Have you considered that the alleged discovery of the Higgs Boson particle might be a hoax perpetrated by scientists who get larger grants if they can claim to have discovered it? How about the fact that no one has actually seen the HB and yet they claim that they have found it? How come no scientists who oppose the HB have been interviewed?

If corporate profits were somehow involved in finding the HB, that is how the news would have been reported that the particle had been found. And there would have been a critic of the report of the found particle prominently featured in all the stories.

The actual reports about the HB demonstrate the way we usually relate to science stories. Most of us know nothing about the HB and the process by which the evidence was evaluated. Apparently, it was a delicate process and it took awhile to be sure.

This week’s hot weather is a reminder that global warming has not gone away. But in the case of global warming, corporate power is working very hard to sow doubts. There is a report today that, although more Americans than ever believe that global warming is happening and that humans are causing it, fewer than in 2007 consider it important. This is the result of our politicians not sounding warnings. Naturally, people take that to mean it is not important.

And as for all those people who love to point out that it gets hot every summer and that this heat is not quite unprecedented, that is true. The face of global warming is not just heat and melting ice. It is also the absence of record cold. When was the last year of global below average temperatures? I don’t know the answer. But since global monthly average temperatures have been above the 20th century average for 327 consecutive months (see NOAA website), it had to have been over 27 years ago.

Boy, is that a coincidence! Greenhouse gases go up and temperature goes up.

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