Sunday, March 11, 2012

Are Any Other Pro-Life People Outraged and Embarrassed?

3/11/2012—As someone who considers himself pro-life, I am having a hard time with State legislation that humiliates and invades the privacy of pregnant women. I haven’t liked this approach from the start, in which States pretend that abortion requires regulations for the health of safety of women when in fact abortion providers are being driven out of business or when a woman wanting an abortion is made to wait or in other ways inconvenienced or made to pay money in an attempt to discourage the abortion. These were all lies, but I admit I felt they were at least in a good cause.

But Governor Perry has shown me that I was wrong to countenance anything other than an honest effort to overturn Roe v. Wade. Now Texas is requiring an ultrasound and fetal heartbeat monitor--an invasive procedure that government has no business requiring anyone to go through. How would he like it if, in an effort to reduce prostate cancer, the government required all men to submit to a rectal exam and then to send a picture of the exam as proof to a government agency? It would undoubtedly save lives, which is said to be the goal here. Perry would never agree to such a thing.

There is a role for ultrasound and fetal heartbeats in understanding what abortion is. Why doesn’t Governor Perry create and pay for a serious sex education program in all Texas Junior High Schools? Let all the kids see an ultrasound. Let all the kids hear a fetal heartbeat. Tell all the kids that condoms break and a new DNA appears at conception. Then maybe in the next generation, boys and girls will make different choices.

Where are all the pro-lifers condemning the humiliation of women?

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