Sunday, May 8, 2011

Torture Works

5/8/2011--For the last few days, I have been preparing book publicity for Church, State, and the Crisis in American Secularism, which will be out in a few weeks. One aspect of that publicity is speaking about the Establishment Clause and the separation of church and state. Anyone interested in the more technical aspects of Establishment Clause jurisprudence is welcome to come to the Constitutional Law Colloquium at Loyola Law School, Chicago, which will be held at the Philip H. Corboy Law Center, 25 East Pearson Street, Chicago, IL. I will be speaking either on October 21st or 22nd. Details to follow. The title of the talk is Standing on God/Pleading With God: The Implications of the Turn to Standing in Establishment Clause Jurisprudence.

I have also been hard at work responding to the argument of John Yoo, the author of the 2002 torture memo, that the death of Osama bin Laden shows that torture works. He has been making this argument everywhere in the last week, including this piece in the Wall Street Journal. The death of bin Laden does show that in a way and I'll be responding tomorrow on Huffington Post.

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