Thursday, November 18, 2010

“Getting Honest” About Islam

11/18/2010—Here is what Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law & Justice, a conservative Christian legal center, had to say about Islam on Monday, 11/15:

President Obama may think we're not at war with Islam ...
... but history proves he is wrong.
In a speech last week in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country, the President remarked that the United States ''is not, and never will be, at war with Islam.''
But within the last two decades, Muslim extremists have been responsible for several ruthless anti-American terrorist attacks. Globally, al-Qaeda alone (a group with their own version of Islam) is one of this country's biggest threats.
As you'll read in Jordan's latest Washington Post article, called ''Get Honest About Islam,'' it's past time for our nation's leader to stop downplaying - and apologizing for - Islam.
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Yours for freedom,

Jay Alan Sekulow
Chief Counsel

What are we to make of this extraordinary claim? How can we be at war with the religion of more than one billion people? How can we be at war with the religion of the people we are claiming to protect in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Jay Sekulow is not a fringe player. The ACLJ is a major conservative presence. If they are able to use the rhetoric of war with Islam, you can be sure that millions of Americans are learning this line.

But it is false. We are not at war with a religion. We are at war with terrorists.

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