Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why Global Warming Cannot be Happening

9/23/2010—It’s 9:31 pm on Thursday, 9/23, the first full day of autumn. It’s 79 degrees. But, of course, many say there is no global warming.

I’ve heard it all. Global warming deniers have begun to stop claiming that it is not getting warmer. Now, like Joe Bastardi of Accuweather, they say that the warming trend is part of a natural cycle, as if higher carbon and higher temperatures were a coincidence. But I’m told even the pattern of warming shows human influence: warmer at the lower levels of the atmosphere, cooler above.

The question, though, is why the resistance to what seems obvious to most scientists studying the matter? Surprisingly, the answer lies in theology.

Readers of my books know that I have had plenty of experiences in my life that suggest that God is real. So, why do I insist that God does not exist? The reason is simple. God does not fit in my understanding of how the world works. I believe in the linkage of flesh and spirit. There cannot be any being who is outside matter. I have lived my life this way.

Now consider global warming. If global warming is happening, the market is not reliable and government is needed. These are two commitments that many people have spent their lives denying. Global warming cannot be true for these people, any more than God can be real for me. It would require a whole rethinking of how the world works.

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