Saturday, February 27, 2010

One more time with Yoo

2/27/2010--I thought myself a pretty determined opponent of the Bush Administration torture team. But that was before I received the following email from Susan Harman, who had read my comment in Religion Dispatches:

In your article, John Yoo and Jay Bybee Dodge, you conclude by recommending we "bear witness" to the horrors perpetrated by these criminals.

I live in the Bay Area, where we harbor four Bush war criminals: Bybee on the 9th Circuit, Yoo at Berkeley, Rice at Stanford, and Haynes at Chevron in San Ramon. We protest Bybee whenever the 9th sits anywhere: Seattle, Portland, Pasadena, San Francisco, Las Vegas. I myself will fly to Las Vegas next Tuesday to sit in his court with a sign saying "reckless disregard of his professional obligations." We have rewritten the words to Bye Bye Blackbird.

We picket Yoo's house in the Berkeley Hills on a regular basis, and we often protest outside his class at Cal. In fact, the class has become a floating poker game: its location is secret until the night before, and then released only to the 24 students taking it. We have rewritten the words to It Had to be You.

You have an opportunity to bear witness against Yoo on Mar 19 in Charlottesville, VA. For more info see
Susan is my hero.

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