Sunday, October 26, 2008

I love Jim Webb

10/26/2008--I just read the June 26, 2008 New York Review of Books article by Elizabeth Drew about Virginia Senator Jim Webb. Drew was writing before Senator Obama selected Joe Biden for his running mate and she was openly rooting for Jim Webb.

Why was Webb not the choice? Lots of perfectly good reasons, including Webb’s views on women in the military. But probably more to the point, Obama wanted to reassure voters. Joe Biden is perhaps the most reassuring presence one could have. (This makes him sound like Cheney, who was selected for some of the same reasons—I hope the Biden choice turns out differently).

It is hard to share the limelight. The apparently genuine partnership between President Clinton and Vice-President Gore was the exception, and even that relationship broke down during the 2000 election campaign.

Senator Obama strikes me as much more of a loner than is the gregarious Clinton. That is not a criticism. Lincoln was a loner as well. But I don’t think there will be partners in an Obama Administration. That will be ok with Biden. Possibly not with Webb.

None of this will be of any interest, of course, if Senator McCain stages a historic comeback.

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