Saturday, October 11, 2008

Governor Palin Should Resign from the Ticket

10/11/2008--Would a President John McCain order an IRS audit of your taxes if you offended a member of his family? Of course not. John McCain once chose torture over betrayal of his office.

How about a President Joe Biden? No. Biden has been purified by personal tragedy. Such an act is not in him.

What about a President Barack Obama? This question is why the Republican ad “Who is Barack Obama?” raises a legitimate question. The campaign is a smear not because it asks an unfair question but because its innuendos go beyond any facts in the record.

Would a President Sarah Palin order an IRS audit? She has already done something quite like it. According to an investigation conducted for the Alaska legislature, Governor Palin abused her office by pressuring subordinates to fire her brother-in-law because of his divorce and custody battle with her sister.

This investigation was no political hatchet job. It was set in motion by a Republican majority legislature before Governor Palin was a candidate for national office. For once, it is just the truth in the midst of a political campaign.

I don’t like enemies lists. Such a list was the worst thing about President Richard Nixon. I don’t like enemies lists on college campuses, let alone in the most powerful office in the world. Senator McCain should choose someone else.

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