Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Politicized Religion

9/3/2008--The reactions to the announced pregnancy of Governor Palin’s daughter, Bristol, shows the danger of politicized religion and justifies the secular critics of religion in the public square. Speaking about the left, I have criticized this kind of religion as the Democratic Party Platform at prayer. Now we see the same thing on the right.

James Dobson, Chairman of Focus on the Family, reportedly said something like, “Being a Christian doesn’t make you perfect” in instant justification of Governor Palin and her daughter. Nice sentiment, but he did not say this about John Edwards’ adultery, as far as I know, nor would he and his ilk say the same thing about the pregnancy of an Obama daughter out-of-wedlock.

The difference for him, of course, is that Palin is a Republican and thus on his “side”. This makes the Gospel, which has no sides of this kind, into a laughingstock. It allows the world to laugh at the hypocrisy of the followers of Jesus.

This applies as well to Ms. Palin’s decision to keep the baby and marry. Seventeen-year-old kids should not be raising babies. It’s no good for them or for the baby. And there are many thousands of loving couples in this country who would be happy to adopt this child. This marriage is a terrible example and is going to inspire a lot of broken lives.

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  1. Perhaps this baby will grow up and run for high office one day. Having a young single mother didn't seem to stop Mr. Obama from this ambition.

    As for Mr. Edwards, it may be hypocritical of the right as you point out, but the ego of a guy running for president engaging in an affair while his wife is battling cancer leaves little room for sympathy, religous proclivities and New Testiment theology aside.